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What is Oduwa Coin?

Oduwa coin is the next-Gen digital payment system. Oduwa coin is digital cash that uses peer to peer technology to settle all its transactions on its own blockchain network. Self Governance and Decentralized.

A hybrid blockchain technology that values privacy, efficiency and security due to the asset protection the block provides for its user, popularised by the initiative of its community. Everyone can mine Oduwa by joining our network nodes on proof of stake consensus mechanism and earn a decent reward.

Oduwa community, everyone can buy, sell, make payment, gift donation and engaged in mining with Oduwa blockchain wallet and build wealth from the comfort of their home. We are committed to increasing the accessibility and growth of oduwa.

Our Vision is Our Mission

Create wealth opportunity on a long-term goal, to cater to the underserved and unbanked communities, using blockchain technology as a service to the world.

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	    				Algorithm: Scrypt
	    				Coin name :ODUWA COIN
	    				Coin Ticker :OWC
	    				Block reward :10
	    				MAX Supply:21,000,000
	    				Mineable Max rewards: 6,300,000
	    				StakeMinAge:8 hours
	    				TargetSpacing :60 seconds
	    				Maturity :20 blocks
	    				Trans confirm :3 block
	    				PoS percentage :2% per year

Oduwa PoS Mining - How to stake Oduwa Coin Using Core QT Wallet/Node GUI

Download your Qt Wallet for staking , click on download link above. write to [email protected] if your experience any problem. To stake on your local machine - staking is available on Windows, Linux and Mac. Note; No mobile mining. Download the official QT wallet on your computer for mining. Install it, launch it, and wait for Blockchain sync. Miight take up to 24hrs depends on the blockheight. just keep your computer running during the installation. After that, click on Settings and choose "Encrypt wallet" Type a very secure passphrase you can remember. Restart the wallet Go on "receive" tab and generate an address to receive oduwa coin. Pos staking requires you have oduwa coin in your wallet to mine. On your exchange, make a withdraw to your generated address once you have the coin on your wallet, click on setting and choose "Unlock Wallet", type your passphrase and Enter Congratulations, welcome to the staking world, keep your wallet open for min 8hrs to Stake everything you can :D. Congratulations, welcome to the staking world, Happy Staking!

The Future Of Cryptocurrency Mining.

Oduwa Qt wallet PoS staking is available on Windows, Linux and Mac, allowing OWC miners or coin holders dual benefits of securing the blockchain network and also the creator of the next block chosen via a various combination of random selection of the amount of wealth or asset and age of OWC. Creating an opportunity for users to get incentives or reward based on amount OWC used for staking. Welcome to Low Cost Energy Efficient QT Mining!

Guide to Update OWC PoS Staking wallet and Bootstrap.

All User must have to follow this step for updating Oduwa Wallet or Daemon.

1. Open your old OduwaCoin QT Wallet [Window/Mac/Linux] and wait for complete sync.

2. After full sync go to File,> Click Backup Wallet and take backup and save on your Desktop and exit from the wallet or close all mining wallet. Please remember name used during saving backup because we are going to use that backup on next step.

3. Now go to below path and rename folder name from OduwaCoin to Oduwacoin1. Directory of OduwaCoin on your computer, on search type %appdata% and locate OduwaCoin, rename to OduwaCoin1. - Windows: C:\Users\[YourUser]\AppData\Roaming\OduwaCoin - OS X: ~/Library/Application Support/OduwaCoin - Linux: ~/OduwaCoin.

4. Create new Folder on same directory with Name OduwaCoin and paste the backup file from desktop use save step 1 and rename to wallet.dat

5. Download bootstrap.dat from this link ( click and download the "" - extract the file and paste on OduwaCoin Folder. so in AppData OduwaCoin folder there will be only 2 files (wallet.dat and bootstrap.dat)

6. Now you are good to go now. Download new [Window/Mac/Linux] wallet update.


8. Extract New zip to desktop - delete all previous version prior, and start Run.. it will take 10-15 for complete sync. Don't forget to Read "How to Stake Oduwa coin." If you have zero active connection follow the next guide to add seed server connections on buttom page.

A Guide to Add Node - Seed Servers.

All User must have to follow this step if you have zero active connection

1. Stop your wallet. 2 - search run on start menu and open this. %appdata%\OduwaCoin

2. open OduwaCoin.conf file on notepad and add this lines. addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= 4 - Start your wallet again. you will get automatic connection in your wallet. If there is no OduwaCoin.conf notepad you can manually add it to the folder

3. First you need to find your wallet directory. In Windows it can be found at C:\Users\YOUR-USERNAME\Appdata\Roaming\OduwaCoin. In Linux it should be at /home/USER/.OduwaCoin-DIR. Inside your wallet folder you should see several files such as blocks, peers.dat, wallet.dat, OduwaCoin.conf etc. Nodes should be added in the .conf file. In some wallets you may not find this .conf file and in such case you have to create one.

4. How to create a .conf file, all you have to do is copy the wallet folder name, create a text document and save it as OduwaCoin.conf Now open the .conf file in notepad or notepad ++ and paste all the node lists. Once done, save the .conf file and re open your wallet. That is it! Your wallet should now connect to the network and start synchronizing. If you have further question contact [email protected] Thank You Oduwa Dev Team "Empower Yourself"

4. Welcome to Oduwa Coin staking world - Stake and harvest everything like a farmer.